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Atari ST GEM's Programmer Reference By Abacus/Data Becker
The complete guide to programming the ST using the Graphics Environment Manager. Second printing, March 1986. Scan by uicr0Bee.
Norbert Szczepanowski, Berndt Gunther 27-07-2012
Atari ST Internals
3rd ed. by K. Gerits L. Englisch R. Bruckmann
If you're Atari ST coder, this is absolutely must read. Every Atari ST subsystem is described on hardware and software level. Book contains also BIOS/GEMDOS/XBIOS/Line A/AES/VDI reference which is great help while coding, m68k processor architecture and operation, m68k instruction set/addressing modes, listing of important system vectors. Nearly everything you should know. With Atari Compendium and ST/TT Profibuch (which was never translated from german) ST Internals is one of the best hardware/software references for Atari ST range of computers.
At the end of the book there is disassembled system startup sequence. This is updated revision, contains information about blitter which was missing in previous editions.
admin 04-02-2012
Learning C on The Atari ST
Author uses Megamax C compiler.
Atari ST Machine Language
4th edition by Abacus, m68k assembly course
Atari ST Basic to C
by Abacus. For everyone who would like to make transition from ST basic to C language.
Overview of Motorola 16/32 bit processors: 68000, 68010 and 68020.
Modern Atari System Software - A Programmers Guide
by HiSoft 1993. Very nice reference manual for newer Atari machines like Falcon030. It covers all the major subsystems found in m68k Atari machines, object file formats (DRI/GST), guidelines for developing GEM applications, SpeedoGDOS informations, overview of MiNT os(this info can be outdated, because MiNT had alot of changes since then) several handy lookup tables with system calls, system errors and many more. It contains additional info and bindings for HiSoft products like Devpac assembler, Lattice C and HiSoft basic. Scan by uicr0Bee.
HiSoft/Various 04-07-2011
Atari ST 3D Graphics Programming Concepts and Techniques
For programmers interested in 3D graphics. 2D/3D transformations, hidden lines and surfaces, data structures for 3D objects, object animation, spatial projection, screen manipulation, rotation of objects, light and shadows. Examples are in m68k assembly with use of GEM and mono resolution. Scan by uicr0Bee.
Uwe Braun 23-06-2011
The Concise Atari ST 68000 Programmers Reference Guide
Glentop Publishing 1986, book title is little misguiding. In general it's contains general overview of Atari ST architecture, ports, interfaces/subsystems(graphics/sound/input), TOS/GEM system calls, describes essential things about M68000(architecture, instruction set, adressing modes, but very briefly). It contains also little overview/comparison of coding tools / m68k assemblers (very outdated though). It could be good for it's time, if not unreadable layout. Browsing and finding any information in this book is quite difficult. Newer editions of this book contained informations about blitter (this version contains no info about it).
Katherine Peel 01-11-2010
Atari Profibuch ST-STE-TT
Definitive guide to Atari computers, 1500 pages describing TOS operating system calls (BIOS/XBIOS/GEM/AES), how internal systems work. Many illustrations. The only disadvantage is that it is in german and doesn't cover Falcon030 at all. Book was released recently for free by it's authors.
Beside of Atari Compedium it's a must read.
Hans-Dieter Jankowski, Dietmar Rabich, J 01-11-2010