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U.L.S. (Universal Loading System)
U.L.S. (Universal Loading System) is a means by which Atari ST applications can request disk access, or system function calls when TOS is not available, as is the case with most games and demos, and therefore run from any media (Including Hard Disks). Late in 2005 D-Bug released the first few ULS patched games, and then the system went into a bit of a slumber as we continued with Falcon patching. In August 2008, the ULS code was completely re-written from the ground up, adding new functionality, using less memory, running quicker, with more stability and making it much easier to implement.

It is hoped that the release of this code will kick-start the ST hard disk adaption scene, in much the same way WHDLoad has done for the Amiga. Indeed, ULS can perform many of the functions of WHDLoad, and offer serveral exciting new ones that were previously only seem in emulators!
Programming Advanced ST graphics
Atari ST graphics programming by Jeff Lawson
Persistence Of Vision Atari ST source code CD
Persistence Of Vision

This CD (packed iso image) contains virtually all the Persistence Of Vision menus, utilities and demos.

Where possible all source code has been included. For each menu, the MSA file has been included as well as the ST file ready for use with PaCifiST.

Adr - Adrenalin UK stuff
Dcx - Dcx compression software
Download.st - POV development system for Atari computers
Falcon - Demos and applications for Atari Falcon 030
Link - Brown Beer Development Link filer code
Misc - Misc source code, etc.
Music - Loads of unused music.
Other.pov - Recodes, intros, source codes for other demos, etc.
Pe - Pure Energy menus coded by POV
pov - Persistence Of Vision menu and demo source code + exe
Reference - Text files
utils - Pacifist, st-zip, lha, ghostlink, msa2.3, fastbasic

Motorola m68k family processor manuals
Archive contains all issues from 1st to 52. Alot of useful informations for Atari programmers. (C/m68k assembler/GFA-basic). Contains some utilities, but some can be outdated a little. Full list of articles can be found on wiki pages (see: Wiki pages).
User manual for Atari ST Bit-Block Processor (Blitter)
Official documentation for graphics processor which debuted in Atari Mega ST/STe series.
Atari Corp.
Document about Atari Falcon 030 video Videl registers
translated from german by Steve Tattersall
Aura and Animal Mine
The Atari ST(E) BLiTTER in brief
Documentation covers the Atari STE BLiTTER, its registers and how to operate them. Relies on the STE-FAQ by the same author.
The Atari ST MC68000 Assembly Language Tutorial
v0.84 by Perihelion. Introduction to m68k assembly programming and Atari ST subsystems (graphics, sound, keyboard etc..). It has alot of handouts and sources useful for beginning Atari programmers (m68k opcodes reference, memory map, m68k instruction timing tables ..). Pretty good as an introduction.
Supervidel VHDL overview
Supervidel memory map
Describes all SuperVidel registers and where the graphics RAM lies.
STE Developer Addendum
List of features introduced in Atari STE computers with programming information and code samples. Covers extended palette, genlock, new controller ports, changes in video subsystem, hardware scrolling, DMA Sound, Microwire interface (volume/tone control).
Atari Corp.
ST Sprite Factory (Future Software Systems)
Utility for making sprites/animation/maps on Atari ST. Archive contains manual which can be interesting for programmers, because, beside of containing information about program usage, contains some info about blitter and sprite collision detection and animation tutorial. Credits: Mug UK
S.A.L.A.D. Still Another Line A document
Description of Line A api for simple graphics operations. Line A is available in all TOS versions, but it's use is discouraged.
Atari Corp.
Nie bój się bitplanów czyli obrazek oczami komputerów cz. I, cz. II
excerpt from "Atari magazyn", in polish, description of ST screen organization with some source code in GFA basic
Tomasz Gnyp
MFP MC68901 delay mode desired frequency table [Hz]
Handout/reference for Atari ST MFP MC68901 timers programming (in pdf format). This goes for timers A,B,C and D in delay mode.
Feeding data register with given timer data value and setting proper timer division (4/10/16/50/64/100/200) will result in given frequency of interrupts (in Hz).
Pawel Goralski
Jam plugin C API
Example demonstrating usage of Jam plugins (used in Atari Jam player) in your own demos and programs. Full C api is provided. Archive contains also custom file i/o, memory and machine detection functions.
Code is published under MIT license. See accompanying article about Jam plugin API in article section of this wiki.
Pawel Goralski
Intelligent Keyboard (IKBD) Protocol
Description of protocol used to control/interrogate mouse and keyboard. It's usedon all 16/32 bit Atari machines.
Atari Corp.
Hisoft Devpac 3 manual
Manual for Devpac 3 package, m68k macro assembler compiler, debugger and development environment for Atari ST range of computers.
Demo coding tutorial by James Ingram
A tutorial on how to do various demo techniques on Atari ST/STe, including busting all borders, "infinite sprites" and how to scroll the entire screen horizontally in 1/50th of a second. N.B. there is a bug in the code which means that the "includes" file MUST be in the root directory. Also a file is missing..
James Ingram
ATI Radeon double-buffering with xbios example
Source code demonstrating double buffering with ATI Radeon hardware accelerated functions. (works only on Falcon030,CT60,CTPCI with latest beta drivers, not yet available publicly).
Pawel Goralski
Atari STe FAQ
Some minor hints and notes on Atari STe coding
Paranoid / Paradox
Atari ST(e)/TT/Falcon030/CT60/CT63 memory map
Atari F030 + CT60 Hardware Register Listing V2.1 March 2009
List and description of hardware registers found in 16/32-bit Atari computers
Probably based on version 7.0 (FINAL REVISION) - 1/22/94 By Dan Hollis
CT60 parts (probably) updated by R.Czuba/D.Mequignon
Very important and up to date reference of Atari memory map. A must have for every Atari programmer. Title is little misguiding, because this memory map is used across all Atari models to maintain software compatibility (only some features are not present). For more details see Atari Compendium, Atari ST Internals or Profibuch ST-STE-TT.
Dan Hollis / R.Czuba / D.Mequignon
Atari Falcon 030 Developer documentation
From October 1992. Official Falcon 030 documentation, describes hardware, video and sound subsystems, DSP 56001 and specific api calls introduced with this model.
Atari Corp.
Atari Compendium (HYP format)
Definitive Atari 16/32 bit computers documentation (besides Profibuch). It's in english. Every subsystem found in Atari computers is well explained, some things are little outdated, about MiNT for example. It covers Falcon which is omitted in Profibuch. Package contains also system bindings for Lattice C and Pure C and example source codes from the book in txt files.
This version is in hyp format so you can view it on any Atari with ST-GUIDE accessory or HypView.
You can also view it online:
Highly recommended!
Scott D. Sanders
A Hitchhikers guide to BIOS
Everything about Atari ST BIOS calls. Official documentation dated 1985.
Atari Corp.
A Hitchhiker's guide to bios v.1.1
Original Atari document from 1985 containing last updates from 5th March,1990. It is much more readable than original scan in these archives. Differences are marked with blue color.
Jean Luis Guerin