What it is all about?        

What it is all about?

Few words...

This website is knowledge base for coders/programmers who would like to have convenient access to books, resources and references related to programming 16/32 bit line of Atari computers and their successors, manufactured by Atari Corporation. Information about programming Atari computers is scattered, so creating new place dedicated only to software production was idea that I've got since a long time.

As we live in an era of super cheap processors with formiddable computing power using modern tools and compilers is not only convenient, but also practical, because it saves time, which is scarce resource. That's why they will be mentioned more often, but we will not forget about an older, native tools, which are also great, reliable, well tested through the years. Sometimes they don't have good enough, modern counterparts. Some people plainly enjoy using old computers to code on them with tools they already know, use native tools under emulation or plainly don't want to invest time to learn modern ones.

From time to time new tools, os versions, hardware and libraries are showing up and we will try to cover them as well.

For absolute beginners we will try to point out some useful resources (books and tutorials). Things are much better than decades ago, because all the documentation is freely available now. Problems are that many of this is incomplete, incorrect or simply there is too many documentation lying around!
Additionally here you will find complete set of links and references to documentation, tutorials and books related to Atari 16/32 bit computers with proper description and some additional notes from us. Most of them will be available for download directly from this wiki.

If you're programmer or coder with Atari programming experience and would like to commit to this wiki, ahve some interesting article to share or you've spotted an error or just stumbled upon something that could be better described then contact us. Any help or feedback will be appreciated.

saulot / nokturnal
e-mail: buserror(at)nokturnal.pl

disclaimer: Site is non-profit, does not track it's users and is not in any way affiliated with Infogrames called now "Atari". Site's purpose is preservation of knowledge related to Atari home computers and showing latest developments related to software production on those machines.

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