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Atari Compendium (HYP format)
Definitive Atari 16/32 bit computers documentation (besides Profibuch). It's in english. Every subsystem found in Atari computers is well explained, some things are little outdated, about MiNT for example. It covers Falcon which is omitted in Profibuch. Package contains also system bindings for Lattice C and Pure C and example source codes from the book in txt files.
This version is in hyp format so you can view it on any Atari with ST-GUIDE accessory or HypView.
You can also view it online:
Highly recommended!
Scott D. Sanders
A Hitchhikers guide to BIOS
Everything about Atari ST BIOS calls. Official documentation dated 1985.
Atari Corp.
A Hitchhiker's guide to bios v.1.1
Original Atari document from 1985 containing last updates from 5th March,1990. It is much more readable than original scan in these archives. Differences are marked with blue color.
Jean Luis Guerin

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