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flag D-Bug/Automation forum
Forum of well recognized UK cracking crew (and still active). They have released *alot* of game menus under Automation/D-BUG labels, fixed many commercial games to run on various Atari hardware and invented U.L.S.(Universal Loading System) which enables running Atari ST games from hard drive (something like WHDLOAD on Commodore Amiga). Forum has it's own coding subsection. Check out: http://dbug.atari.org too...
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flag Atari Area
Biggest polish Atari site. It's mainly 8-bit Atari oriented(16/32 bit Atari's weren't very popular in Poland), but there is 16/32 bit Atari corner. There is a forum too, which gathers Atari users from Poland.
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flag Dead Hackers Society
Atari 16/32 bit demoscene central. Forums, tools for coding(IDE's, compilers & libraries), making music & graphics.
There are also frequently updated news about demo parties and scene releases.
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flag DHS Atari files section
Dead Hackers Society Atari ST/Falcon files section. There you will find all popular and more obscure native Atari productivity tools for graphics, music, programming and demo creation. Each entry is well described, so everyone who is new to the platform will have good overview how everything looks, what features it has and will be able to choose something for themselves. Highly recommended :-).

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flag Atari ST demo history
An overview of Atari ST demo history with indication of some landmark releases.
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flag No fragments collection
No Fragments is a collection of CD-ROMs (currently there is eleven CDs online) with demos and other files from Atari ST/STe and Falcon. The demos range from the very first to the very latest ones and are in MSA disk image format (ST/STe) and bare files (Falcon).

The interesting CD's is archive 10 and 12 (alot of discmags and docs/info). Although it can take some time to browse all of this stuff (it's alot really :-)).
Also worth mentioning is archive one filled with ST demos, 4th with Falcon stuff and 11 (releases from various demoparties).
You can download individual files from CD'a or download whole ISO image to burn it on CD-R.
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flag Blog of TAT/Avena
Sonoluminescenz/Binliner demo source code, various docs and intros mainly for F030/DSP and ST.
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flag ATARI Leonard Demo System
Key features:
- The toolchain work on windows plateform (you can assemble, build the final disk and run it on emulator using PC only)
- The kernel works on STf, STE, MegaSTE, TT, Falcon and Falcon CT60
- The demo disk generated support HDD loading (just copy a small HdLoad.prg file near the MSA file)

- 68k Source code is assembled on PC using as68, macro assembler written by Vincent Penne (Ziggy Stardust)
- Kernel use ARJBeta packer/depacker (mode 4 & 7), 68k version by by Mr.Ni! of the Tos-Crew
- Everything else is done by Arnaud Carré (Leonard/OXYGENE) http://leonard.oxg.free.fr
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