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Native Atari ST/Falcon tools for producing music, graphics and coding.


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flag PackFire
- Code: hitchhikr
PackFire is a Windows based packer for Atari ST executable files.
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flag DHS Atari files section
Dead Hackers Society Atari ST/Falcon files section. There you will find all popular and more obscure native Atari productivity tools for graphics, music, programming and demo creation. Each entry is well described, so everyone who is new to the platform will have good overview how everything looks, what features it has and will be able to choose something for themselves. Highly recommended :-).

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flag UPX
UPX is a free, portable, extendable, high-performance
executable packer for several executable formats.
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flag ultraDev
ultraDev is a FGPA based development cartridge for Atari computers.
With ultraDev you are able to start .Prg files directly from your PC on your Atari via pc command line. ultraDev is also able to share a folder from your PC to your Atari as a volume.
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flag Turbo Assembler / Bugaboo
Collection of the old code base for the TurboAss and Bugaboo, which was first sold commercially under the name OMIKRON.Assembler and later as shareware under the name TurboAss/Bugaboo.


68000 assembler, editor and debugger
Compiles up to 1.3 million lines per minute (on a 8MHz 68000)
Syntax check at input!
very powerful editor
source level debugging
does not depend on the operating system

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flag STrinkler
Atari exe packer suited for 4KiB demo's
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Added: 16-12-2021 Last updated: 16-12-2021 Hits: 490
flag HRDB
Unofficial debugger frontend for Hatari emulator by Tat/Avena.
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flag Uiptool
Tool for easy file transfer via tcp/ip, local network with use of NetUSBee. High transfer rates, easy to setup.
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