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flag Atari forum wiki
If you're new user of 16/32 bit Atari computers then this is good site to start with. You will find an info about native Atari tools. Check out http://atari-forum.com too.
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flag Atari Historical Society
Great site about Atari Corp. and all the machines they have produced.
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flag AtariSTknowhow by Gunstick/ULM
This series of talks and workshops will introduce to the world of demo programming on the Atari ST platform.
Here is the site about ULM: http://www.cpu.lu/ulm
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flag Reservoir Gods GODLIB
Complete Reservoir Gods Pure C libraries for easy creation of software for STFM,STE,TT and Falcon.
As used in "Chu Chu Rocket", "GodPey", "SuperFly" and others.

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flag Atari Game Tools
Tools and code for rapid prototyping of Atari ST/STE/TT & Falcon games by D.M.L.
Game framework samples

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flag ATARI Leonard Demo System
Key features:
- The toolchain work on windows plateform (you can assemble, build the final disk and run it on emulator using PC only)
- The kernel works on STf, STE, MegaSTE, TT, Falcon and Falcon CT60
- The demo disk generated support HDD loading (just copy a small HdLoad.prg file near the MSA file)

- 68k Source code is assembled on PC using as68, macro assembler written by Vincent Penne (Ziggy Stardust)
- Kernel use ARJBeta packer/depacker (mode 4 & 7), 68k version by by Mr.Ni! of the Tos-Crew
- Everything else is done by Arnaud Carré (Leonard/OXYGENE) http://leonard.oxg.free.fr
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