U.L.S. (Universal Loading System)

U.L.S. (Universal Loading System) is a means by which Atari ST applications can request disk access, or system function calls when TOS is not available, as is the case with most games and demos, and therefore run from any media (Including Hard Disks). Late in 2005 D-Bug released the first few ULS patched games, and then the system went into a bit of a slumber as we continued with Falcon patching. In August 2008, the ULS code was completely re-written from the ground up, adding new functionality, using less memory, running quicker, with more stability and making it much easier to implement.

It is hoped that the release of this code will kick-start the ST hard disk adaption scene, in much the same way WHDLoad has done for the Amiga. Indeed, ULS can perform many of the functions of WHDLoad, and offer serveral exciting new ones that were previously only seem in emulators!
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  T Name Creator Files Created / Uploaded
U.L.S. debug screen
admin 23-04-2011
David Braben Elite Loader Source
(ULS v3.11 - Requires modification for current ULS build)
admin 23-04-2011
Alcatraz Loader Source
(ULS v3.12h+)
D-BUG 23-04-2011
Microprose F1GP Loader Source
(ULS v3.0 - Requires modification for current ULS build)
D-BUG 23-04-2011
ULSv3.12j Source Code
D-BUG 23-04-2011