Motorola m68k family processor manuals

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Manual describing MC68030 used in Atari TT and Falcon030. Describes architecture of the processor, instruction set, execution times etc..
User's manual for DSP56001 which is used in Atari Falcon030.
User manual for MC68060 which is used in CT60/63 powered Falcons 030 and Hades(Atari clone). Contains architecture description, instruction set and timings. This processor was shipped with/without internal FPU with similar instruction set to MC68881/MC68882, some instructions from these two processors were removed and had to be emulated though (e.g. movep).
User manual for M68000 found in all standard ST/STE's.
Overview of the basic M68000 processor. Contains complete description of M68000 instruction set. Recommended for m68k assembler coders.