Persistence Of Vision Atari ST source code CD

Persistence Of Vision

This CD (packed iso image) contains virtually all the Persistence Of Vision menus, utilities and demos.

Where possible all source code has been included. For each menu, the MSA file has been included as well as the ST file ready for use with PaCifiST.

Adr - Adrenalin UK stuff
Dcx - Dcx compression software
Download.st - POV development system for Atari computers
Falcon - Demos and applications for Atari Falcon 030
Link - Brown Beer Development Link filer code
Misc - Misc source code, etc.
Music - Loads of unused music.
Other.pov - Recodes, intros, source codes for other demos, etc.
Pe - Pure Energy menus coded by POV
pov - Persistence Of Vision menu and demo source code + exe
Reference - Text files
utils - Pacifist, st-zip, lha, ghostlink, msa2.3, fastbasic

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