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16.01.2015Upgraded CMS from an ancient version. If you notice any problem with content or something missing then contact me through Contact/Feedback form.
21.10.2013Updated CMS, so if you notice any problem with content and broken links then contact me through Contact/Feedback form.
16.02.2013Uploaded STE & Blitter FAQ's by Paranoid. Both of them available from download files section. Essential read if you plan to mess with good old STe :-). I've also reuploaded Atari ST/STe/Falcon030/CT60 memory map, text file was broken.
27.07.2012New book added. This time ATARI ST GEM Programmer's Reference. Thanks to uicr0Bee for a scan! Have a good read. If you don't know what exactly GEM is, then read this
14.04.2012Vincent Rivière, author of m68k gcc cross compiler, has published an article in Software Development Journal Extra about process of making it. You can download the whole SDJ and read the "Porting GCC to new targets - the case of Atari ST computers" here .
10.04.2012Some sad news. 08.04.2012 at age 83 died founder of Atari Corp. and Commodore Jack Tramiel . Under his management the whole 16/32-bit Atari computer system emerged (to which this site is wholly dedicated). I think that the most important thing he did in his life, was making affordable computers for common people, so they could be used at homes. This statement can look ridiculous from the modern perspective, but thirty years ago computer technology wasn't so widespread and affordable as it is now. So long, Jack! And thanks for great computers!
09.04.2012Check out the workshop about oldschool Atari ST demo coding by Gunstick/ULM. It contains good overview of the Atari ST platform from technical and historical point of view. Two, potentially most interesting parts are still missing though. Here you can read something more about ULM
14.03.2012 Great addition today. First official, public Supervidel hardware info. Supervidel is an add-on expansion card for CT60/CT63 equipped Falcon 030 computers. It's fully compatible to graphics Videl chip found in all Falcons, is completely transparent from software point of view and needs no drivers. Additionally it will provide resolutions present in modern desktop computers, faster/dedicated video memory, dual monitor output and optionally ethernet support. Here: Supervidel VHDL overview and Supervidel memory map. Card will be produced soon, preorder has started :-).
04.02.2012 Whoa! Another update this day. Second great thing is Abacus ST Internals 3rd edition. If you're Atari ST programmer or you want to be one, this is absolutely must read. Every Atari ST subsystem is described on hardware and software level. Book contains also BIOS/GEMDOS/XBIOS/Line A/AES/VDI reference which is great help while coding, description of m68k processor architecture and operation, m68k instruction set/addressing modes reference, listing of important system vectors and much more. Nearly everything you should know. With Atari Compendium and ST/TT Profibuch (which was never translated from german) ST Internals is one of the best hardware/software references for Atari ST range of computers (and personally my favourite). At the end of the book there is disassembled system startup sequence. This is updated revision, contains information about blitter which was missing in previous editions. Thanks to uicr0Bee for a scan.
04.02.2012 New article added. It explains how to use Jam player plugins in your own Atari programs in few easy steps. It comes with C API wrapper especially written for this article, which makes life of a coder alot easier. Wrapper can be downloaded from here, but direct link is provided on the first page of the article too. From the other things, comments were disabled due to spam issues. Content rating is turned off too, who uses it anyway?
07.12.2011 New article added. It explains how to reduce executables size and remove standard gcc 4.3.x library dependencies. It might be useful for people writing games/demos 'near bare metal' (close to the hardware) and with standard system calls (BIOS/XBIOS and so on). It's now possible to use gcc even for lower spec machines like Atari ST (512kb RAM), where every byte is precious. Before this gcc 4> binary size was a real problem for standard machines. Thanks to Sqward!
27.11.2011 Added new wiki page describing usage of python based SCons build system with gcc cross compiler and VASM. The information can be useful for using other compilers too.
17.07.2011 Added new books: Learning C on Atari ST (scan by uicr0Bee), Atari ST machine language, Atari ST Basic to C and 68000-68010-68020 Primer.
04.07.2011 Added new book/reference manual Modern Atari System Software A Programmers Guide by HiSoft. Thanks to uicr0Bee for a scan, more to come! :-) New front page Atari ST images/photos were provided by Robson. Probably there will be more in the future. I hope you will like them. I encourage everyone interested to subscribe to RSS feeds. Separate feeds were created for download section, wiki pages and articles. Subscribe and be informed every time something is updated or added, so you will not miss anything.
23.06.2011 Added new book Atari ST 3D Graphics Programming - Concepts And Techniques by Uwe Braun. Thanks to uicr0Bee for a scan.
21.06.2011 Added new tutorial ATI Radeon programming with XBIOS which should give you an idea how to program ATI Radeon on Falcon. It also exposes limitations of current versions of drivers, so you will know why there is no games or demos which can use this new hardware.
25.04.2011 Added wiki page "Creating TOS binaries with CMake and cross compiler" based on similar MinGW tutorial. Info is very basic, but it's a good start if you can't live with GNU make. biggrin
24.04.2011 Removed alot of annoying links under wiki pages. Cleaned up download section view.
23.04.2011 Mirrored U.L.S.(Universal Loader System) by D-BUG , all documentation, source code and examples.
23.04.2011 Site maintenance. Upgraded system to the new version. If anyone will encounter any errors then let me know via contact form or e-mail.
20.01.2011 Added RSS feeds for several sections(found on bottom of the page). You can get direct information about updates everytime something has changed or has been added. Individual RSS feeds were set for wiki pages, article section, file downloads and links. So grab your favourite RSS feed manager and subscribe! :-) Links section has also been improved.
26.10.2010 Initial version.

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